Rennovation Project –  Hye Hall

Hye Dance Hall - Renovation Project 2018

This is what it looks like when a dance hall that has been dormant for decades starts to come back to life.

Hye Hall in Hye, TX. The transformation over the past 7 weeks has been nothing short of amazing. This is the back of hall, windows open are side rooms off the stage and the middle is the stage area. As you can see, there is an entry so one can walk up under the hall at least partially.

The Dance Hall Preservation Society is very excited and supportive of the Deike family efforts and we are thrilled to have Hye Hall in the TDHP – Texas Preservation Trust Fund Grant Project for stabilizing dormant/infrequently used hall and development of a toolkit for halls like this. The Project started in 2017 and wraps up later this year.

Work in Progress photos from Hye Hall – Early September 2018.

New piers replace many of the old damaged ones due to water infiltration on the east and west sides. Solid cedar piers under dance floor and stage. Flooring in raised section of hall being repaired/replaced where needed, all but a couple of the windows open, stage in good shape, side rooms solid, front walk and wall laid to divert water from highway away from hall’s south wall, steps added and grade adjusted along south side of hall.

Oliver Deike, hall owner and life long resident of Hye, is our man of the month for undertaking this major restoration project in short order.